Tawakal Global Bank (TGB)

Tawakal Global Bank (TGB) is incorporated as per the requirements of the Ministry of Commerce of Federal Republic of Somalia and as per the regulations set by the Central Bank of Somalia.TGB as enacted by a special resolution passed on 25 May 2014, confirmed by members of the Tawakal board of directors in 1 June 2014, pursuant to set financial regulations of the Ministry of Commerce and the Central Bank of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

TGB Services Include:

  • We offer Current accounts where customers are able to deposit funds and withdraw at any Tawakal Branch or TGB.
  • We offer wire transfers to third party banks within Somalia and elsewhere.
  • We can deposit funds directly from SCI Salary account for SCI stuff provided they open an account with Tawakal.
  • Our customers are able to access and manage their accounts online and are able to carry out transfers and bill payment from the comfort of their homes.
  • We do offer facility for our current account, where customers are able to write a cheque for a supplier, contractor etc…