Tawakal Express

Tawakal Money Express has over 20 years experience in providing money transfer services through around 600 Agents and Offices worldwide, and as such that lead to Tawakal Money Express embracing and pioneering reforms and innovations necessary for money transfer businesses to thrive in an ever- changing sphere.We have disbursement capacity of 20 million US dollars per month to Africa, and 50 million dollars per month worldwide all from Diaspora network to their families.

Our Value

  • Integrity – Being ethical, honest, respectful, and always try to do what is right.
  • Excellence – Innovate, challenge convention and try to deliver exceptional results every day.
  • Customers Care – Work to create value for our customers and earn their trust every day.
  • Teamwork – Work together to execute our mission and to support and help each other grow.
  • Social Responsibility – Be active participants in uplifting people and our local communities.

What We Do:

  • We use our expertise to deliver solutions that make payments faster, easier, and more accessible to everyone.